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The scaffolding
We develop, we make and we suggest for realization:

The saddle and modular scaffolding "Budmaster"

The scaffolding "Budmaster " is intended for performance the construction and finishing operations. The scaffolding can be mounted both on the external and on the internal sides of a building in any premise irrespective of the sizes of doorways.


It is not required neither the tools nor equipment by installation of the scaffolding .

The quick- raised metal scaffolding "Budmaster " favourably differ from clamp scaffolding because of absence of small-sized assembly details and threaded connections. For assembly, disassembly, moving of scaffolding to a work place itТs enough three persons. The scaffolding is assembled from separate interchangeable elements that can be ordered separately from the complete set. The logic sequence of installation practically excludes mistakes at assembly.


Used at raising and operation of s caffolding the additional elements allow creating various non-standard designs of s caffolding!

The tab locks fix the diagonal and horizontal links.

It is very quickly, simply and reliably.

There are no small-sized, often loss details.

The scaffoldings are completed with the zinced elements of a construction by the CustomerТs request.


Thes scaffoldings "Budmaister" are certificated for the conformity to requirements of Ukrainian standards.

Construction elements are unified, that allows to convert stationary s caffolding into mobile if you purchase a frame on wheels.

There is equipment for scaffolding in wide assortment.

There is a wide network of dealers all over Ukraine.