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Catalogue of shuttering elements

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in compact form

Mini-stages well-knit (ПСП-САл)

Aluminum folding mini-stages ( ПСП-САл ) ideally fit for any build and repair works both inside and outside of the building. It can be quickly and simply assembled by one person without application of instrument due to folding frame. Wheels are the part of mini-stages and they allow to stages easy through standard doorways and corridors. In the formed state they can be transported by lift. The wheels are equipped by the double brake. Due to lightness of material which folding mini-stages is made from transportation, assembling and dismantling of mini-stages takes a minimum of efforts and time.

The distinctive ability is simplicity and comfort of assembling (assambling, dismantling), which allow to move mini-stage in the limited space without additional expenditure of time to fold up and lay out.

Name of index
ПCП-1,0САл ПСП-3,7САл
Height of the stage, (m) 1,83 4,95
Height of the working area, (m), (max) 3,0 5,7
Height of the deck, (m), (max) 1,0 3,7
Mass (kg)
Size of the platform, m 1,8 х 0,6
Loading on the deck , ( kgf/m2 ) 200
Quantity of working platform (pcs) 1
Pitch of the ladder (m) 0,3