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Catalogue of scaffolding elements

Catalogue of shuttering elements

Catalogue of stage constructions

Equipment for rise / moving

THE BLOCK FOR RISE OF CARGOES a llows lifting various materials and tools on the top tiers of the scaffolding (an economic variant).

The permissible loading on a hook is no more than 150 kg.

The rotary bracket
It is intended for bracing the load-lifting block.

The ratchet winch

It is intended for rise of scaffolding elements and various materials on the top tiers at editing.

It is installed on the scaffolding racks.

The load-carrying capacity is 50 kg.

The electric winch

It is intended for editing of scaffolding and for rising of various cargoes on the top tiers.

The load-carrying capacity is no more than 200 kg.

The telpher guide

It is intended for movement of the telpher with the lifted cargo through a window aperture inside of a premise, and also for installation on a roof of a building that provides safe rise of the various cargoes.

The load-carrying capacity is 200kg (500kg ) .

The carriage

It is intended for installation of the electric winch and for winch moving with a cargo on the telpher guide .

The telescopic rack

The telescopic bracket and the winch are installed on the telescopic rack in the premises with a various height.

The range of regulation is from 2200 mm up to 4000 mm.

The telescopic bracket

It is intended for installation of the electric winch. The area of service increases at the expense of an opportunity to adjust the rotation and working radius of the bracket boom.

The traverse

It is intended for simultaneous rising of the several scaffolding elements and dimensional products on the top tiers.

The box

It is intended for rising of the building materials and tools.