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Mini-stages "Budmaister" (ПСПМ) are used as the auxiliary adaptation for carrying out internal repair and painting and decorating. Advantages: assembly without tools; an opportunity of adjustment of height of a deck; hight load-carrying capacity; easy moving owing to wheel pair.

It is possible fo install the stages
ПСПМ1 on the ground with
differend levels (staircases, etc.)
by purchase of the special clamps/
ПСПМ1 ПСПМ1-01 ПСПМ1-02 ПСПМ1-03
Height of the working area, ( m ) 3,3 3,3 3,6 4,6
Height of the working stage , (m) 1,5 1,8 2,8 3,7
MAX height of the deck,(m) 1,3 1,3 1,6 2,6
MIN height of the deck,(m) 0,65
Pitch of the steps, m 0,32

Size of the platform, m

Load-carrying capacity, kg 200
Mass , kg 52,2 60,0 79,1 115,1


Novelty from ТМ "Budmaister" - Mini-mini stages ПСП С

The main advantages of the stages ПСП С: an opportunity to vary height of a deck from 0,3 m up to 1,3 m; presence of wheel pair enables the easy moving on any distances; the low weight, an opportunity to fold up the stages construction and a compact form in the formed state facilitates transportation and storage at most.

Height of the working area, ( m ) 3,3
Height of the working stage , (m) 1,3
Size of the platform, m 0,6x1,2
Loading on the deck , ( kgf/m2 ) 200
Mass , kg 23,3
Pitch of the steps, (m) 0,3
in compact form