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The movable stages

The manufacturer suggests fast-mounted movable stages " Budmaster " :

Light weight movalle stapes

The aluminum movable stage / МР/

The mini- mini stage / ММS/


In the stages the self-fixed pins with the rotary tongue make the bracing of the construction elements «Budmaster» ; one fast movement makes the connections.

Wheels are equipped with the double brake that reliably stopping movement of wheels.


The fast-raised metal stages "Budmaster" favorably differ from the clamp stages by absence of the small-sized assembly details and threaded connections.


For assembly, disassembly and moving of the stages to a place of job is enough three persons.


The stages are completed from separate interchangeable elements, which can be ordered separately from the complete set.


The logic sequence of mounting practically excludes mistakes at assembling.


The mini- stage / МS/

The tongue locks carry out the bracing of the diagonal and horizontal connections. It is very quickly, simply and reliably. There are no small-sized, often lost details.

At the request of the Customer stages are completed with the zinced elements of a construction.

One of the last developments of the plant – the aluminum mobile stages for external and internal build works. They can be used in the workshops of chemical and food industries, as an aluminum does not oxidize, not exposed to corrosion and considered ecologically clean material». The aluminum stages « Budmaster ®», as compared to foreign analogues, not only cheaper but also have the promoted inflexibility of construction.