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Harmonious Mini-mini stages

Novelty from ТМ "Будмайстер" - harmonious Mini-stages ПСП С (the improved analogue Mini-stages series ПСПММ).

The basic advantage stages ПСП С: an opportunity to vary height of a flooring from 0,3 m up to 1,3 m; presence of wheel pair that enables with ease to move stages on any distances; the low weight, an opportunity of folding of a design stages and a compact kind in the combined kind as much as possible facilitates transportation and storage.

Ceiling formwork rack-frame formwork

The ceiling rack-frame formwork - is the system of vertical-horizontal and diagonal elements even distubited loading from a concrete. Advantages of this system are multiplying building speed, due to the valid for one occasion moving of the system of inundation of the horizontal formwork of large area. It simplify work with ceiling formwork on large heights.

Stages facilitated

Stages ПСП-Л - the facilitated analogue steel stages «Budmayster» ПСП and ПСО. New stages are made of the facilitated pipe, have another construction the bases and ladders that has allowed to reduce their gross weight, having kept thus the basic characteristics.