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Catalogue of scaffolding elements

Catalogue of shuttering elements

Catalogue of stage constructions


The Certificate of conformity for the collapsible rolling scaffold " Budmaster "

Certificate of conformity for shild temporary traveling shuttering.

The Certificate of conformity for scaffoldings "Budmaster "

The certificate of conformity for light-weight stages " Budmaster "

Увеличить: Разрешение на начало работ

The sanction for the beginning of jobs: manufacturing metal constructions, planning and design work.

Увеличить: Экспертное заключение
The expert inference about conformity of the design documentation to the normative acts for labor protection questions.

The patent for industrial pattern (pole scaffoldings)

Declaration patent for invention – Scaffoldings

Увеличить: Свидетельство про регистрацию авторского права

The Certificate of copyright registration for the pole scaffoldings for construction operations .