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Catalogue of scaffolding elements

Catalogue of shuttering elements

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The shuttering
Ceiling formworks- basic elements

The telescopic rack is applied for the installation of the ceiling formworks elements and for the acceptance of the axial loadings from the concrete and for the elements of the shuttering.

The racks can be with adjustable height to provide the installation of the ceiling formworks on the different heights.

The racks can maintain the axial loadings of 20 kN i rrespective of a variant of the performance.

The jamb of the rack is applied to increase the height of the telescopic rack 41 01 0002-41 01 0005.

The tripod is applied to addition the stability for the telescopic rack 41 01 0002-41 01 0005 at its installation in vertical position. Each tripod leg can be placed under any corner, so you can install the tripod in the close premise, along the walls, in the corners and so on. There is possible prompt and reliable fixation of the telescopic rack because the special lock is stipulated in the tripod.

The headstall is applied for providing the reliable support and the stability of the wooden beams 41 08 0000- 41 08 0009. The dog allocation is designed for safety installation of one beam; it can provide the safety installation of two beams by the turning of the headstall to the corner 90?. The headstall andthe telescopic rack41 01 0002 Ц 41 01 0005create the main rack. The main rack is installed on the beam-ends or on the butt of two beams.

The intermediateheadstall andthe telescopic rack41 01 0002 Ц 41 01 0005create the intermediate rack which is installed with the certain pitch between the main racks.

The wooden beam is applied for creation the support grates under the plywood deck and for acceptance the loadings from the concrete.

Maximal permissible concentrated loading Ц 5.5 kN

Maximal permissible allocated loading Ц 11.0 kN

Maximal permissible bending moment Ц5.0 kN/ m

The sheeting of the shuttering Ц plywood

The plywood for the boards of shuttering has a smooth water-resistant coverage. The tar stratum protects the plywood.

The beam bracket allows sheeting the main beams and the transverse beams, reveal and so on.

You can install the shuttering with the required form easy and prompt with the beam bracket. It is installed on the wooden ceiling beam.

The handrail rack is applied for installation the handrail at the mounting the ceiling formworks. The MAX distance between the racks is 2m.

The mounting fork is applied for installation and demounting the longitudinal and transverse beams.