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Spatial rack

Spatial rack is the metal framework construction which is made from the tubular elements (diagonal tie and horizontal tie, diagonal lower tie, base), screw support and head. Spatial rack is used for installation of the elements of the ceiling formworks (beams and plywood) and it takes vertical load.
Lightness of elements and simplicity of the assembling let to speed up the mounting process of the ceiling formworks on large areas.
The construction of the spatial rack permits to concrete overlap with the height up to 15 m. Permissible vertical load is 100 kN.

Ceiling rack-frame formwork

Ceiling rack-frame formwork is the system of vertical-horizontal and diagonal elements evenly distributed loading from a concrete. Advantages of this system are multiplying building speed due to once-only moving of the system of inundation of the horizontal planking of large area. It simplifies work with ceiling formwork on large heights. Bearing strength of every rack-tower - 8 kn . Due to the wide range of heights of racks (0,6; 1,2 and 1,8 m) it is possible to plan easy a ceiling height. Maximal height of setting 15 m. Racks unite between itself through plugs - connections. In lower and overhead part of construction spiral supports are set with the general range of regulation from 0 to 0,55 m. Comfort of their location, and also the smoothness of motion allows easily to adjust the necessary height of all construction. Diagonal connections serve for strengthening of inflexibility of framework, these elements of dock with racks through small flag connection. Due to simplicity the assembling-disassembling process takes the minimum of time. At application of supports on wheels, moving of construction is possible without disassembling for necessary distance.