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Catalogue of scaffolding elements

Catalogue of shuttering elements

Catalogue of stage constructions

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Of formwork systems.

The hopper is applied to accept and transport a concrete by the crane to the place of concreting of the constructions. The bunker represents the welded construction consisting of the steel corner roll stock and the sheet steel.

The bunkers can be executed with the following options depending on a design:

  • With the lever mechanism of opening the shutter;
  • With the mechanized drive of opening the shutter for the portion unloading of the concrete;
  • With a rigid rotary carcass for vertical loading the bunker and for positioning of a directing watering can;
  • Capacity: 0,5 m? ; 1,0 m? ; 1,6 m? and 2,0 m?.

By the client’s request any bunker model can be equipped with the vibrator to provide full removal of a concrete.

The container for small-sized elements
The container for small-sized elements is used for keeping of the small-sized elements of the scaffoldings and shuttering. This container is a construction welded from the L-steels and grid.


The container is used for keeping the scaffolding and shuttering.